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The mission of SSA Summer Camp is to encourage rising high school seniors to apply for and attend college, and to equip recent high school graduates with the tools necessary to be successful in college in the most impactful way.


Because of their participation in SSA Summer Camp, attendees will...

0274-Day_1_A9_1869.jpg more motivated to apply for and succeed in the pursuit of a post-secondary education

...gain an increased level of self-awareness with regard to personal leadership style, strengths and weaknesses, communication style, and personal motivation


...gain an understanding of the academic, social, and financial responsibilities of pursuing a post-secondary degree.

...feel equipped to return to their communities and spheres of influence and make a positive impact

Day_1_A9_1948_edited.jpg and network with the SSA Agents who have been supporting them and their peers throughout the school year

...use critical thinking and creativity skills as a means to learning how to effectively problem solve

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