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Throughout the duration of camp SSA will maintain a camper to staff ratio of no more than 10:1. All staff will be subject to a background check sufficient for working with minors. Campers in attendance will be required to remain in the line of sight of an SSA Camp Staff member at all times, with the exception of sleeping hours, when campers must remain in their cabin. No camper will be allowed to be alone, or 1-on-1 with a staff member at any time - SSA will enforce the rule of 3.

Each camper will be placed in a small group of 10-15 campers and 2-3 counselors. Campers are required to be with their small group, unless otherwise instructed, during all programmed activities. Counselors will do periodic roll calls to ensure that all campers are present.



Elvie attended the University of Oklahoma earning a Bachelor of Secondary Music Education degree in 2014, and a Master of Adult & Higher Education degree with an emphasis in Student Affairs in 2016. During his time at OU, Elvie was involved in a number of camp programs through the university, including Camp Crimson (first year orientation camp), High School Leadership Conference (weekend leadership development camp for HS Juniors), and Big Red Retreat (OU recruitment camp for rising HS seniors). Most notably, Elvie worked at the OU Health Sciences Center overseeing camping programs at the Harold Hamm Diabetes Center for children and teens with type 1 diabetes from 2017 - 2020.


A select group of the most high achieving SSA Agents will be asked to serve as counselors for summer camp. Agents volunteer their time to lead campers through the summer camp experience, and hopefully meet some of the students they have been impacting throughout the year. In addition to the training agents receive to serve in their role throughout the year, Agents also go through camp counselor training in the week leading up to camp.


A nurse will be contracted to be present for the duration of the summer camp. This person will oversee the distribution of medications, initial assessment and treatment of ill or injured campers, and the referral of ill or injured campers to the closest medical facility or hospital.


In addition to Michael Benko and Ej Carrion, SSA Co-Founders, SSA will bring on staff to assist with the logistics of the camp behind the scenes. These people will be Agents, business partners of SSA, previous camp speakers and facilitators, etc.

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